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AutoGlass Body Repair

Bodyshop repairs completed in one day, at a time and place which suits you - guaranteed for life!

AutoGlass have been perfecting body repairs since 2001.

How does it work?

- You send descriptions of the damage along with photographs
- Arrange a time and location for the repair to take place - at your home, workplace or anywhere convenient (with permission from the owner!)
- On the day agreed, AutoGlass will arrive in their unqiue mobile rig to start the repair
- AutoGlass's skilled technician will repair the damage whilst you can continue with your day
- The repairs are completed within one day
- You will get a lifetime guarantee

Is your car suitable for mobile repair?

To be able to have the mobile repair on your car, it will have to fit into the requirements below:
- Driveable
- Slight, Minor or Moderate damage
- No more than four panels damaged
- No airbags deployed
- No panels pierced (Unless Bumpers & Front Wings)
- No warning lights or messages displayed on the dashboard

If your cars door/bonnet/boot doesn't open, close or lock correctly, it will need to be taken to a bodyshop.

Is there any damage to the wheel or tyre (not including unrelated kerb damage/wear and tear)? If so, the vehicle will need to be taken to a bodyshop.

Why should you choose mobile repair?

For large impact damage, a bodyshop is the better choice. For minor accident damage, a mobile repair offers these advantages:
- An appointment that suits your time and place
- Minimum delay from accident to repair completion
- No need for an unfamiliar and expensive courtesy car
- A well trained technician who explains face-to-face what is needs to repair the damage
- The ability to observe the work being carried out
- Unconditional, no-quibble guarantee for life
- Quality assured business practices from a world-class group who are experts in mobile service

Isn’t it just a SMART repair? How can you achieve bodyshop quality with a mobile service?

SMART repairs involve paintless dent removal and ‘touching in’ small scuffs and scrapes. Autoglass carry out bodyshop repairs on minor accident damage inside their patented mobile rigs that can operate in all weathers and completely enclose the vehicle. They are fitted with specially developed extraction and heating systems to create a dust-free working environment for the perfect result. They carry all the necessary safety and environmental approvals, and are even certified for use at airports.

As well as AutoGlass's patented repair rigs, they use only EPA compliant water borne paints and manufacturer approved parts. Their technicians are bodyshop trained and IMI accredited meaning they are able to deliver repairs to BS 10125:2014 standard and confidently offer a lifetime warranty.

How much space do you need to have the mobile repair?

AutoGlass need the equivalent of 2-3 car parking spaces to set up the mobile bodyshop and complete the work to your vehicle. However if there isn't convenient space at your home or work, AutoRestore will work with you to find a suitable location. With partners throughout the country who secure space, they will always be able to find the best alternative for you.

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